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Canopus Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (Email Delivery In 2 Hours - No Cd)

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Canopus Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (Email Delivery in 2 hours - No CD) - ( )

అసలైన ఉత్పత్తి యాక్టివేషన్ / లైసెన్స్ కీ. అదే రోజు డిజిటల్ డెలివరీ. లింక్ డౌన్లోడ్ & సక్రియం సూచనలను అందిస్తాము. ఈ అంశం నేడు.

బ్రాండ్: Canopus Business Management Group


  • After ordering, your activation key and download link will be delivered to your registered email ID and can also be found at .in/msg
  • CBMG online training courses are developed based on the micro-learning concept. The duration of lecture videos is around 5 ~ 10 minutes/each. Lectures are usually in asynchronous video format and securely hosted in our LMS.
  • All online courses are designed to take into consideration the learning experience and the knowledge acquisition of the participant in remote mode. Hence lectures have been segmented and grouped appropriately. For every video lecture, necessary tools, templates, case files, solution keys have been uploaded. Participants can download them on their local drive and practice.
  • After every lesson/chapter, a self-assessment quiz is included for the participant to validate his/her knowledge
  • The delivery of the training content is by experienced IASSC Accredited Training Associate Instructors.

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ప్రచురణ: Canopus Business Management Group

వివరాలు: Canopus Business Management Group, backed by Lean Six Sigma experts offer Canopus Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Our curriculum is based on universal body of knowledge & our certification is well recognized, economical and at par with industry certification standards. We are Accredited Training Organization of International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) & The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC). Course Features 21 chapters of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt body of knowledge Total Learning Time 50-56 hours (7 days) equivalent of classroom training Interactive audio-visual medium of virtual delivery Access anywhere and anytime - No travel required! About 20 hands-on activities based on live case study with solution keys Exclusively designed for IT, ITES, manufacturing/process industry & services professionals Loaded with industry examples Interactive self-assessment quiz for every chapter Crisp downloadable takeaways for each chapter Elaborate Minitab/software screenshots Excel templates for 20 important lean six sigma tools with step-by-step procedure Validity 90 days access with 1 year validity to online Six Sigma Green Belt course 15 days access for appearing for certification after completing online course

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