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Alien Breed Impact
మేము స్టాక్లో 4 లైసెన్స్ (లు) కలిగి ఉన్నాయి


రెగ్యులర్ ధర రూ. 2.49 రూ. 236.95 అమ్మకానికి


Alien Breedu2122 Impact is an explosive science fiction arcade-shooter that resurrects a much revered franchise with an epic story, swarms of highly intelligent alien enemies, high-impact weapons, highly detailed and rich environments; all implemented with superb technology in a state-of-the-art gaming experience. In addition to the thrilling single-player campaign mode, the game also offers a relentless, action-packed, online two-player co-operative battle mode.

కీ ఫీచర్స్:
  • Alien Breed is back! - An action-packed mix of arcade-shooter, survival-horror and tactical weapons upgrades and customisation.
  • ఎపిక్ సింగిల్ ప్లేయర్ కథ మోడ్ - The single-player campaign mode that follows the narrative of the game through five huge and challenging environments.
  • సింగిల్ ప్లేయర్ ఫ్రీ-ప్లే మోడ్ - A single-player challenge mode beat your high score on a previously completed campaign mission.
  • రెండు-ఆటగాడు సహకార నాటకం మోడ్ - Work together to defeat the alien horde across three specifically customised maps.
  • అదనపు Steam ఆన్లైన్ లక్షణాలు - Quick Match, Create Game, Friends Lists, Voice Chat, Leader-boards and Co-operative Achievements.
  • ఉచిత ప్రయత్నం - The Prologue sample section a specifically designed introduction to the game; play in either single-player or two-player online co-operative mode.
  • NEW Upgrades shop - Search fallen comrades and lockers to accumulate cash, and then tactically spend it on weapons/kit upgrades in the shop.
  • NEW - Enemies - Re-imagined and improved Alien Breed enemies.

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